Mogobari is the main online market in Bangladesh, empowering tens of lots of dealers to hook up with tens of thousands and thousands of customers. Mogobari presents instantaneously and smoothly get admission to ten million merchandise in extra than 500+ classes and grants extra than 2 million applications each month to all corners of its countries.

Mogobari is a mall, a market, and a network for its customers. It is likewise a college for entrepreneurs, and each month it educates extra than 5,000 new dealers on e-trade operations.

To triumph over the logistics undertaking in its markets, Mogobari has constructed its very own logistics business enterprise specially designed for e-trade operations - Mogobari to elevate the requirements for the industry. Mogobari is likewise supporting current and new logistics carriers digitize.

Mogobari turned into launched in 2021 and makes it smooth to do enterprise everywhere withinside the age of virtual economy.